The Best Way to Obtain Nutrients for the Body March 2, 2016 10:07

Over Farming

Food is the dominant means for the human body to obtain nutrients. However, the nutritional value of food sources has been gradually decreasing over the past decades due to soil nutrient depletion. Today’s farmland soils are 55% to 85% less nutrient rich than they were in the 1950s. This nutrient depletion has resulted in the necessity of supplementing our diet with vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.

Taking vitamin supplements

Statistics reveal that one in every three adults takes some form of nutritional supplementation on a regular basis. Yet, the vast majority of vitamins and minerals consumed today are derived from synthetic, laboratory derived chemicals, known as “USP” or “isolated chemical nutrients”. USP isolates are in a form the body can not readily accept, because they are isolated from other critical components, naturally found in food and necessary for proper nutrient utilization in the body.

There are principally four ways in which nutritional substances are obtained by the body:

  • Real Food
  • Re-natured (Food Nutrient) or whole-food extracts
  • Amino acid chelates
  • Isolated chemical (USP) form

Comparison of Nutrients from Different Sources

Nutrient Form



Real Organic Food


The best source of nutrients

Food Nutrient


As close to food as possible. Greater bioavailability and effectiveness than chelated minerals and isolated nutrients.

Amino acid chelates


Better than isolated nutrients.

Isolated (USP) Nutrients


Least effective source of nutrients, better than no supplementation, but often given in doses larger than the body can process.

Amino acid chelates

Amino acid chelates - The micronutrients in amino acid chelates are in complex form with amino acids, and thus are more available for the body to utilize compared to the isolated chemicals. Unfortunately, this method has its short comings, as chelated vitamins and minerals deliver only a single vitamin or mineral on a single amino acid. In addition, they are not protected from attack by digestive juices resulting in few vitamins or minerals being properly absorbed.

Isolated Chemical Nutrients - The majority of the thirteen recognized vitamins cannot be chemically isolated in a stable form, therefore are converted to salts such as thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1) or pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), which are forms not found in nature. In addition, many vitamins are chemically synthesized to produce a pure isolate by processes which have little connection with food. Isolated Chemical NutrientsThe same problem exists with minerals - the sources used to create them are mainly inorganic or organic salts. Isolated chemical nutrients may eventually be absorbed either through mega doses or because they are in the form of very tiny particles. But, when they enter the blood stream there is no mechanism to target their delivery. Since the body does not recognize them, they are frequently either deposited in the wrong tissue or flushed out of the body. These chemical isolates do not come close to the efficiency of food in providing the body with nutrients in an easily accessible form.

Food Nutrients (re-natured nutrients) - This advanced state of nutrient delivery in the body is the closest to the efficiency of food. The vitamins and minerals provided by this method possess the highest utilization rate of any form of supplementation and practically replicate food.

Food Nutrients or re-natured nutrients

The Food Nutrients resemble real food. Food State supplements are by nature, structurally different from and much more effective than traditional chemically based (USP) forms of supplementation. Food Nutrients are bound together within their natural matrix of supporting molecules and carrier proteins. The “Food Matrix” is essential for transporting the nutrients around the body and provides the ability for the receptor cells to absorb the nutrients. Food Nutrient vitamin and mineral supplements are referred to as “re-natured” because they are converted back into a natural food matrix (and molecular structure) that enables them to be recognized by the body as ‘food’. This allows them to deliver the maximum nutritional benefit to the body. The vitamins and minerals in Food Nutrients are guided by the protein contained within the food matrix right to the cells that need the nutrients.

How Are Food Nutrients Made?

By means of a patented process, originally developed by Dr. Andrew Szalay, founder of Grow Company, vitamins and minerals are mixed into a solution of plant material that absorb the nutrients and bind them with other natural compounds to provide the necessary food matrix. The resulting nutrient complexes are as close as possible to the natural food matrix. Each nutrient ends up imbedded in a matrix that has the greatest affinity toward that specific nutrient, including the vitamins and minerals, protein, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber and bioflavonoids.

The Advantages of Food Nutrients in Food Matrix Form

Being 90% effective and the closest form of supplementation to food, Food Nutrients allow much greater absorption and more fully deliver the benefits of the vitamins and minerals. In this way, they are fundamentally different and substantially more effective than conventional chemically-based USP supplements.

Extensive testing has shown that, compared to other supplement forms, Food Nutrients:

  1. Are more effectively absorbed into the bloodstream.
  2. Remain in the bloodstream longer (and are excreted more slowly in the urine).
  3. Are considerably less prone to cause trace mineral toxicity.
  4. Are more gentle on the stomach.
  5. Perform significantly better in terms of physiological activity.

The higher quality, increased effectiveness and greater nutritional value of Food Nutrient supplements means that required dosages can be significantly lower than for other forms of supplements, the risk of unwanted effects are reduced and they offer a better “value for money” proposition. The greater absorption and effectiveness of Food Nutrients will make a significant difference to your patient’s health.

Food Nutrient – Q & A with Dr. Andrew Szalay, Food Nutrient Inventor and Founder of Grow Company

Dr. Andrew Szalay creator of Foot Nutrient (food state) vitamins and minerals

Dr. Andrew Szalay was a young scientist who studied under Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi at the University of Szeged in Hungary. Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1937 for the first to isolate Vitamin C and biological oxidation (Kreb’s Citric Acid Cycle). Dr. Andrew Szalay was a researcher on cellular nutrition and in 1977 created the first whole food nutrient supplement, which has since been perfected and patented into the present day Food Nutrient Series of vitamins and minerals.

Q. How did you come about discovering Food Nutrient?

Dr. Szalay: In the last step of his research, Dr. Szent-Györgyi concluded that he had found something more active than the isolated/crystallized vitamin. Furthering his work, we went through the extraction procedure the same way he did and discovered other very important carrier food factors.

Q. So what are these carriers?

Dr. Szalay: Dr. Szent-Györgyi called this substance vitamin P. This was not an individual material; it was a composition of bioflavonoids, dietary fibre, carbohydrates, complex proteins, intrinsic enzymes and essential fatty acids. We built this material around the vitamin C and made a complex out of it.

Q. Are the carriers for each vitamin different?

Dr. Szalay: Yes, if we have 14 different vitamins, the carrier food factor is different in all 14 of them. We went through the same process with the minerals. We analyzed the carriers and built them around the minerals.

Q. So how does this discovery benefit the consumer?

Dr. Szalay: First, this is a food matrix. It is not a chemical and the body recognizes it as food. In clinical trials, it was concluded that these nutrients are better absorbed and retained than chemical isolates. Second, these carrier food factors hold the key to transferring the nutrients directly to the cells providing for greater utilization and effectiveness. Chemical isolates do not have carriers therefore resulting in poor utilization.

Q. Are isolated nutrient vitamins really that different?

Dr. Szalay: Yes. The synthetic isolated chemical vitamins really were produced to imitate the original vitamins in food. These chemicals are really precursors to the vitamins.

Q. What does it mean that specific chemicals are precursors?

Dr. Szalay: It means that they have to go through one or two more steps to be an active compound. The synthetic isolated vitamins are not identical to what the researchers originally established as the chemical formulas for these vitamins. They had to come up with these precursors because the vitamins isolated from nature were not stable. The synthetic vitamins were developed because they were stable.

Q. Not stable, how?

Dr. Szalay: They would break down or decompose. They could not stand up. They would lose their potency.

Q. So you used the carrier food factors to make the vitamin compounds stable?

Dr. Szalay: Yes, we did.

Q. You must feel gratified when you see the studies showing Food Nutrient is superior.

Dr. Szalay: Independent researchers conducted the studies. As the results started to come in, we realized that we had something. After all the studies were completed, we were extremely satisfied.

Q. Finally, what is the one main benefit of Food Nutrient?

Dr. Szalay: It is difficult to clearly isolate one benefit, as there are so many. Of course its non-toxicity is a definite plus but I would say that since Food Matrix is essentially food, we receive maximum nutrition.

Food Nutrient series supplements are profoundly superior to conventional supplements:

Food Nutrient Series Complete C
Food Nutrient Series Multivitamin and Mineral
Food Nutrient Series Premium D
Food Nutrient Series Super B