Intestinal Kit

$262.99 CAD

Intestinal health

The Intestinal Kit will provide the foundation for achieving optimal intestinal health. The Intestinal Kit and specific dietary changes (as recommended by your health care practitioner) are two simple tools to restore your gut health. We respect that changing long-established habits is not easy, and while this transformation requires commitment, the achievable health benefits are significant.

This Intestinal Kit program is adapted from the Swiss Biological Medicine approach of natural healing used by Dr. Thomas Rau, MD and the team at Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. This world-leading natural medicine center has achieved remarkable results treating difficult chronic disease and their programs always start with evaluating and treating intestinal health. The Intestinal Kit contents are conveniently assembled in a six week/two phase program. The first phase helps regulate the body’s internal environment to allow rebuilding of the intestinal mucosa. This sets up a successful restoration of healthy flora during the second phase.

This kit includes:
• 1 Pleo Alkala powder
• 2 Pleo Sanuvis tablets
• 2 Pleo Citro tablets
• 1 Pleo Rebasan capsules
• 1 Pleo Pef drops
• 1 N-A-G capsules (N-acetyl-glucosamine)

Complete Protocol Guide Included.

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