Fluen-Z 50 ml

$34.99 CAD

Relief from Flu-Like Symptoms

  Aches and chills

Fluen-Z is a combination homeopathic remedy recommended for the temporary relief of acute flu-like symptoms. This can include fever with aches and chills, sensitivity to cold, exhaustion, restlessness, a burning sensation in the chest and cough (due to tracheobronchial irritation).
Medicinal Ingredients:
• Arsenicum album  30 CH
• Baptisia tinctoria  30 CH
• Belladonna  30 CH
• Eupatorium perfoliatum  30 CH
• Influenzinum  30 CH
• Pyrogenium  30 CH


Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
• Alcohol, water.


Recommended Dosage: Adults and children ages 13 and up: Take 16 drops eight to ten times daily for 48 hours when experiencing flu symptoms. Then take 16 drops three times daily for up to one week. Take under the tongue and keep in mouth for 1 minute.


50 ml drops


DIN-HM 80051349

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