Travel Bundle

$57.99 CAD

Sleep support, Jet lag, Traveler's diarrhea

For an enjoyable vacation, a good night’s sleep and healthy gut are essential. The Travel Bundle is an indispensable travel companion to stop symptoms of jet lag, GI upset, acute diarrhea and food poisoning in their tracks. Available in fast acting tablet form, the products found in the Travel Bundle are easy-to-use and highly effective.

Pleo Oku 2X tablets
  • Acute travellers’ diarrhea
  • Food poisoning
  • Overindulgence in food/drink
  • Questionable water consumption

Acute - take 1 tablet dissolved under the tongue every 30 to 60 minutes until symptoms resolve (up to 12 tablets daily).
Prevention - take 2 tablets dissolved under the tongue daily during entire travel period.

Melatonin + B6 tablets
  • Resets jet lag symptoms
  • Promotes a good night sleep – wake refreshed!
  • B6 enhances melatonin absorption
  • Non-addictive, no morning ‘hangover’

Jet lag - take 1 tablet dissolved under tongue one hour before desired bedtime after darkness in new destination until adapted to new daily sleep/wake pattern (especially effective for eastbound travel over 2+ time zones).
Restful night sleep/Difficulty falling asleep – take 1 tablet dissolved under tongue 30 minutes before bedtime.

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